Friday, July 25, 2008

Jesus in me

This evening as I was giving the children their baths E said to me "mama were you in the ark?"
I said something like "what do you mean?"
He said something like "you know when you were a kid, were you in the ark with Noah?"
So sorry to disappoint you son but "no, mama is not that old."

Oh the Joys of little ones. They are so sweet and yet so innocent.

I pray constantly that God will give me the Love I need for my children and the endurance to train them up in the way they should go.

My truest goal is to "Live for God's Glory." I want nothing more than to raise my children to be Godly men and woman. To LOVE God with all their hearts.

This is such a responsibility though that I as a Christian can not neglect.

We went to church last evening and Pastor talked about communication. WOW did he hit the nail on the head. Sometimes it is SO HARD to communicate with my hubby. I know I know I am probably the only one. Well God spoke to me last night, maybe he even screamed to me, I need to love my husband more. I need to show Jesus to my hubby as well as my children. Probably even more. I was first a wife than a mother. God called wives to be help meets to their husbands. I have not always been the wife that God called me to be. A "help meet" WOW that is HUGE. I am going to strive that with God's help and grace to be a better wife and to deal with the underline issues in my heart and to better communicate with the man God gave to me as my man.

I want to live everyday as if it were my last. I want Jesus to shine through me as a beacon of light to the world but right now most of all to my family. I want my children and my hubby to see Jesus in me.

You may wonder why I said all this, because I want you to see how God can work in someones heart. As well as I have heard it said that if you think it it is just a dream and dreams can fade but when you write it down it is a goal. Well this is my GOAL.

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