Thursday, August 7, 2008

In the midst of the Storm God's light shines through

This evening we had a storm. It was a real rumble. Those of you who know how PA has storms sometimes it was one of those kind. The kind where the house seems to shake from the thunder. It really rained as well. Then God showed his amazement again. He reminded me of how much He loves us. It was so unique, it was raining and thundering really loud and then the sun came shining through while it was raining. It gave me such a loved feeling. God has a sense of humor. In the midst of a trial there is light.
Here are some pictures I hope you can see the beauty of God in these. Pictures were taken from my front porch. It was a beautiful sight to behold the beauty of God.

You can't really see the rain just the light but it was a special moment for me.

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