Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We spent Labor Day with my brother John, his family, the Schweikarts and some other friends of theirs. It was nice getting away from the fast pace of everyday life and be able to relax. Thanks Winnie and Bill for opening up your campsite as well as your hearts to receive us.

Taking a boat ride on Pappy Bill's Boat.

E after taking a boat ride

Jo was just SO fascinated by the coloring on Loee's blouse.

Caught A and Cousin C with their hands in the cookie Jar or should I say the cinnamon buns.

Nana and Jo resting. I don't know who was more tired.

A making a silly face

A6 posing for the camera she loved having her picture taken.

Another pose

Thanks again Schweikarts for the fun and relaxing day. Hope to see you all again soon.


Kaira said...

What a fun day :) It is such a special thing to get away like this.

lets talk soon!


a wetgarden said...

Your site is beautiful.

Thank you for the edifying things you have shared here.

What a dear family God has given you!

In Christ's Love,

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