Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am AMAZED how My God knew my need before I even asked

We live in a very old house that has been in my family for several generations.  Like most old houses, there is a lot of repairs/upgrades that need to be done.  However, finances only hold out for what is really important sometimes.  My kitchen has carpet that is really starting to show its age.  I am not even going to bring up the subject about carpet in kitchen (I VERY MUCH dislike this).  Carpet on a kitchen floor and children don't match up to me at all.  Anyways, back to my story.  Our kitchen carpet has a big long tear in it.  My dear hubby wants to replace the carpet because he dislikes carpet in the kitchen as much as I do, but, he tells me that he does not want to replace the carpet until he can lay linoleum or tile.  However, because this is an old house, the floor will need a sub-floor after he takes out the carpet. Well, this is not an option right now due to finances just not being available.  OK, OK, enough with the money talk, after all, this is a recession you know.  Well I have been thinking a nice big area rug would be nice, as it would cover most of the kitchen floor if I got one big enough.  So a while back I looked at these in a local store and I was surprised to see that they cost over a hundred dollars.  Well that was not an option either.  In the mean time I am trying to be a submissive wife and just tried dealing with it the way it is while watching the tear get bigger and bigger.  I had not even thought to bring this before the Father and asking Him what I should do about it.  Well I got a super fantastic call tonight.  My mom was on the other end and she asked me did I know anyone looking for a nice BIG area rug.  I was like "are you serious?"  I was like "Praise the Lord."  She had a connection with a way I could get an area rug for a donation to a ministry.  My God Blessed me BIG TIME tonight.  My God is AMAZING!  He knew what I needed (wanted) before I even asked Him.  I am a BLESSED, Grateful, Daughter of the King.

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