Sunday, December 19, 2010

Housewifery Journal FREE DOWNLOAD

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Housewifery Journal - Wisdom from a Modern day Pioneer Homemaker

In this 105-page publication, Connie writes about old time mothers, submission, wayward children, gardening, old fashioned kitchens, the danger of feminism and much more.

"Readers will smile, laugh and weep as they drink in the words of wisdom contained in these pages. The book is truly a rare gem, destined to transform and encourage the hearts of fellow keepers of the home. Connie is a mother of six, grandmother of three and wife of 39 years." - Publisher's review

This book is a sampler collection of Connie's daily writings. It contains 77 entries on topics such as:
•Spiritual homemaking
•Nostalgic memories
•Depression-era living
•Overcoming trouble at home
•Biblical wisdom

Also included are Connie's writings about the tragic experience of losing her grandbaby.

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