Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Will Carry You

I just completed listening to a 3 part broadcast interview between Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Angie Smith.

After listening to something of this nature I feel inspired, broken, blessed and so many other emotions.

Angie had the privilege from God of carry a baby she knew would not live for very long after birth and through it all she used her experience as a way of witnessing to others.  She has been a real inspiration to me in the area of witnessing a well as many others.  I think one of the things that stood out to me the most was her unbelievable sense of peace that you can find only in Jesus.
You can hear her story on Revive our Hearts
It will be so worth your time to listen to this.
Angie Smith the Wife of Todd Smith of the singing group Selah gives more details about the story of her daughter Audrey Caroline on her blog over at

Just look at the expressions on their faces and see the Peace that Jesus gives.

Angie also wrote a book

Just remember when you are weak you can go to the Father and He can Carry through whatever life's problems you are going through.

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