Thursday, January 27, 2011

Repurposed can with yoyo tutorial

A repurposed chocolate can.

 Take an empty can and clean it out.

Use some wallpaper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper you could even use fabric. 
Measure can, cut paper and then glue it to can.  I like tacky glue for this.

After the can was covered I made a yoyo for the top.

You can use most any kind of fabric.  Cut a circle double the size of the yoyo size you would like.

 Turn the edge over and sew a gathered stitch along the edge. 

Keep sewing the edge over all the way around the edge.  Carefully and slowly pull the thread.

This is what it will look like when you pull your string all the way tight. 
Knot your thread into the fabric so it will not pull out but do not cut thread off if you want to add beads. 

I got these at Michael's craft store with a printable coupon they were like less than  $2.

Add 1 bead at a time on the needle and pull through thread.   After each bead I like to adjust it to the place I want it and knot my thread into the fabric so it will stay in place. 
I go back through the bead the second time to secure it better. 

Add as many bead as you like.
Secure t to the lid of the can.

You could store all kinds of things in these little cans hair pins, nails etc.
This would also make a really cute small gift package.
Try this same technique with other items to repurpose.


Anonymous said...

Very clever, and cute!

Rachel {} said...

this turned out great!! :) Thanks for linking it up. Have a great weekend!

Jasmine said...

Very nice. We can be so creative with so little. Thanks.

Angie, it was good to meet up with on FB as well.

Glad to have you joining Domestically Divine. ;-)

Sarah said...

That's cute...good job :)

(Visting you from Bubbly Nature's Project Party Weekend)

nila1920 said...

thats cute! kinda looks vintage:D

Jen said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Fantastic Friday. I hope you will join us again tomorrow.

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