Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Rooibos Tea - For your health

I want to share something special with you. 
It is called Red Rooibos Tea.
Sold at More than Alive for the best price and great quality product.
  This tea is a real special treat.  I just love the taste of this tea so much I could just drink it all day long.  My children also really like it. 
There are so many health benefits to drinking this tea on a regular basis. 

Some of the health benefits include:
For those trying to lose weight, Rooibos helps to control your appetite
it is rich in anti oxidants and flavonoids
it may benefit from those suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep.
it can help relieve headaches
mild depression
nervous tension
it may improve skin conditions (ex: eczema acne)  tea can be applied directly to skin
stomach problems
Great Bone health (rich in calcium & manganese)
Good for your teeth (has natural fluoride)
May even slow down aging  and also boost the immunity levels of human body.
Great for calming Colic in Babies or stomach problems

This tea has no calories
in Japan it is know as "Long Life Tea"
There are so many benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

You can find more info about this tea here and here.

Why not try some Red Rooibos Tea
tea for your health.

It is amazing how God gave us so many things that we can use and benifit from.

NOTE:  I am not giving medical advice I am not meant to diagnose a problem I am just sharing info I have benefited from or researched.


Rebekah said...

My daughter, Rose is a missionary in Africa and they constantly use the rooiboos tea. It is one of the cheapest and most common teas available. She uses it for colic for the babies and it calms adults stomachs too. Whenever possible, she always sent me some. When my daughter, Rhoda, went to Russia, she found some over there, (by the way from South Africa) that was called Creamy Rooiboos. That is so delicious. I save it for a special treat since I don't have much of it. If you like the orange dreamsicles, you would like the Creamy Rooiboos tea. I have wanted to know where to get some, but did not know where to look. Now I have to find a way to get it sent down here to the Amazon. Thanks Angie

Kim Glory said...

Can't go wrong with tea!

J & A said...

I would just love to taste the Creamy Rooibos tea. I wonder what was in it or how could get some.

Rebekah the people at More than Alive are really helpful they may sent it you.

Life of a plainlady said...

We purchase our rooibos from Frontier Products. Tea always hit the spot here at our house!

Rooibos Tea Benefits said...

It is amazing how God gave us so many things that we can use and benifit rooibos tea

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