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Embracing the Journey an interview with Darlene Schacht at TIME-WARP-WIFE

Oh do I have a very special treat for my readers today another intervew.
I have the privilage to introduce you to Darlene Schacht.
I have been challenged by Darlene to be a better Believer, Wife, and Mother
You will not want to miss her wise words. 

Darlene Schacht is an ordinary mom, living an extraordinary life, because of who she is through Jesus Christ. As help-meet to her husband Michael, she guides and nurtures their four children, leading them toward a deeper walk of faith.

She longs for the days of decades gone by when giving one’s word meant something to her in this life. When the sanctity of marriage was reserved for a man and his wife. When women were women and men were just men. When the only choice society offered was ‘life.’ She loves vintage values, and yet understands that they are simply a means to an end. Yes they are to be cherished, but unless we couple those values with strong conviction based upon the Word of God and what is right in His sight, they are nothing but tradition, custom and practice.

She came to a relationship with the Lord at age eleven, but it wasn't until recent years that she surrendered her life in sacrificial worship to Him.

What is your favorite Scripture and why?

Rather than my favorite single scripture, I’d love to say that my favorite portion of scripture is the book of Philippians. I love Paul’s message to the Philippians as he encourages them to live a sacrificial life and focus on the prize ahead. The theme of joy runs through the book, page after page--coming from a man who was persecuted for his faith. He counts everything as loss to serve Christ. What an amazing example to follow!

Who or where do you look to for inspiration and encouragement when you feel downcast?

My husband Michael is always either home or a phone call away. He’s the wisest person I know, and he is well versed in scripture. If I’m feeling confused or blue, he’s a good listener.

What I love most about Michael is that he’s a steamroller of faith. He got excited about God 25 years ago, and that excitement hasn’t waned. He’s the kind of guy who gets up an hour earlier every single day just to have that alone time with God, in the Word and in prayer.

I couldn’t find greater inspiration and encouragement in another like I do in Michael.

How do you find time in your busy lifestyle to spend time with the Lord, and when have you found is the best time that works for you?

Being that I am very busy, focus and priorities are a must for me. Some people assume that since I’m at home I have time to gab on the phone and watch TV. I don’t. Sometimes I’ll catch a half an hour of TV while dinner is cooking. And when the phone rings I get my head set on so I can multi-task and wash dishes. I just don’t want those kinds of things tying up my time when I could be reading the Bible, playing a board game with the kids, or drinking tea with my husband.

I love to spend time in scripture after the kids are in bed. The house is quiet and I usually get to writing. It’s through my writing that I’m often led to study a certain part of the Bible or read a story through again. There’s just something about the quiet of the night and the sound of snoring that feels peaceful to me. Maybe it’s in knowing that everyone is home and safe in their beds. That’s when I feel most relaxed.

I also like to study more in-depth on the weekends. The pace at home is a little slower, so I might dig into a book of the Bible or study Levitical laws, just to get a deeper understanding of scripture. I absolutely love digging deep when I read!

How do you pursue a deep personal relationship with the Lord? What have you found are essentials in your Christian life?

Over time I have discovered that it’s the sacrificial steps we make that draw us closest to Him. I can study His word for days on end, but unless I’m willing to take that step of faith where His will overrides mine in every area of my life, then my study isn’t doing me any good.
We are given choices every day, whether big or small that require us to choose the wisdom of God over our desire for personal satisfaction or comfort. I believe that in choosing God we become more like Christ.

“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;” ~ Philippians 3:10

How would you encourage a Sister in the Lord to be encouraged in the Lord, and to pursue a more intimate relationship with Him?

I would suggest that she get involved with other Christian women. I think that fellowship with other believers is so vital to our walk. One can easily be influenced by the wrong messages if they aren’t connected to people who encourage them in their faith. It’s easy to fall away and get lost in the world.

I’m reminded of the parable of the sower, where Jesus pointed out that we need to be planted in good soil so that our root system has a chance to catch and grow deep.

I would also encourage her to study scripture so that she is growing in the right direction. The Bible is our compass, and it keeps us from going astray.

Did you have a mother or a Titus 2 woman in your life as you were growing up or have someone that you looked up to and wanted to model your life after?

I had a mother who was an incredible homemaker. But I never really had any Titus 2 mentors that I can think of. I was blessed to grow up in a good church with solid biblical teaching. I think that one of my greatest influences was my Sunday school teacher, Mr. Kratz, who taught the teen class I was in. I learned under his direction Sunday after Sunday for about five years. We did a lot of scripture memorization during that time. I always respected his wisdom and was eager to learn.

I gained a particular interest in Biblical womanhood about 11 years ago when a friend gave me a book called, “Fascinating Womanhood.” It was all so new to me at the time, but I absolutely cherished the message of femininity and a woman’s role in the home.

What would you say were some of the most valuable things you learned as a child that still have an impact on your life today?

There was always a lot of joy surrounding my family after they came to the Lord. My parents were big on home Bible studies, and for as long as I can remember we hosted them in our house. Being that this was in the 70s--before cell groups were popular--it wasn’t as common to see as it is now.

I grew up surrounded by strong believers who were hungry for the Word. Some kids at school thought my family was odd because most other families were “Sunday only” Christians. We cherished the fact that we were different, and grew to appreciate persecution for the sake of Christ even at a junior-high age.

What do you think are some of the most important things that you can pass on to your daughter or have passed on to your daughter?

I teach my children to respect their elders, respect their father, and above all honor God. I am also striving to have my children involved in church so that they will grow with a body of believers and have that support system in place when they start branching out on their own. Again the parable of the sower comes to mind and the purpose of good soil. If we are growing seedlings, we need to ensure that they are protected from the harsh elements of the world. We can do this by training them well and encouraging Christian fellowship while they are young.
I also believe that loving and respecting their father is one of the greatest gifts that I can give to my children. Through my example I have shown my daughter what a harmonious relationship looks like when a wife honors her husband as the head of their home.

I strive to make working in the kitchen enjoyable for her—and she loves it! In fact last Saturday when I picked up the vegetables for beef stew, she said, “I call dibs on the onions!”

It’s really cute how she insists on cooking whenever she can, and looks at it like her God-given right to be in the kitchen. Not that I mind. 

In addition to having fun in the kitchen, my husband and I have purchased tools for her so that she will have a sense of belonging when it comes to homemaking. We started doing this when she was about 11. At twelve years old she got her own food processor. Even buying small things like her own potato peeler or recipe book has been a way of encouraging her in this field.

Because she loves being in the kitchen so much, she will often ask if she can make dinner. If she does, I don’t complain about her choice or try to meddle in her work. There have been some days where she makes us nachos and bean dip, and we happily accept it as if we were guests in her home. Mind you the bean dip has beans, sour cream, onions, and tomatoes, but still—it’s dip, which would seem odd to most people.

We are raising the next generation, so if we want to see them do better, we need to teach them well. With this in mind, I’ve also been teaching my boys the importance of chivalry, and how serving and protecting a woman can reflect the servanthood of Jesus Christ.

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men” ~ Philippians 2:5-7

What specific things as well as character qualities would you encourage other women, either older or younger, to teach and pass on to other woman and girls that are lacking in this day?

For those in the position to do so, I’d love to see more women choosing home. I believe that being a homemaker is a gift that women can offer their families. Being a mom and a good homemaker is a full time ministry that not only brings joy and health to a family, but brings joy to a woman as well. It’s been the greatest calling on my life, and I wouldn’t change it for a corner office on any given day.
Of course I do work from home with my writing, but I’m blessed to have a stay-at-home-job that works around the needs of my family, rather than the other way around.

Can you share any resources books, movies, websites etc. that have been a help and encouragement to you in striving to be the Woman God created you to be as you live for His Glory?

One of my favorite blogs is “Women Living Well.”  Courtney is a home schooling stay-at-home mom, who I learn so much from.

I mentioned the book, “Fascinating Womanhood,” by Helen Andelin. For the most part, I love her message on living feminine, but there are also some things in the book that I find a little silly and couldn’t see myself doing. It’s definitely old-school, which is why it caught my attention.

I’ve also gleaned some from “Created to Be His Helpmeet,” since it came so highly recommended to me, but I have to admit that I haven’t finished the book. Not that it isn’t interesting enough—I’ve just been so busy with everything else.

You can find me blogging daily at  TIME-WARP-WIFE

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And on facebook: Darlene Gauthier Schacht

I’m the co-author of “Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness,” by Candace Cameron Bure

Have you been challenged by this interview I know I have what are your thoughts and comments?

Another interveiw is coming next Tuesday.


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Thank you so much for having me as your guest. I so appreciate your kindness.

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