Monday, March 14, 2011

Something new and exciting - INTERVIEWS

Just wanted to inform everyone I am trying to do something new on my blog starting tomorrow and contnuing for the next several Tuesdays.  I have been talking to some of my fellow bloggers and friends  and they have graciously agreed to answer some interview questions.  I have some really great people lined up for interviews, you won't want to miss my interview Tuesdays.  Some of the people and bloggers you may or may not know as well as may or may not agree or share beliefs with. 
The purpose for these interviews is for Sisters in the Lord to encourage Sisters in the Lord.  These interviews are to encourage all of us in our walk with the Lord as well as to be a Titus 2 woman that we are Commanded to be in Scripture.

By doing these posts I am not saying that all these Ladies have the same beliefs as I do.  However we all have the same goal, To live for God's Glory.
Again these posts are to encourage you as well as myself to Live for God's Glory, encourage each other in the Lord as well as to take or Titus 2 Commandment seriously.

Come back tomorrow to see who will be jump starting our Tuesday Interview Guest Posts you woln't want to miss meeting this great woman.

1 comment:

Mary Joy said...

Oh how fun! I look forward to your series! :D

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

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