Monday, May 16, 2011

The American Frugal Housewife - Free ebook

I wanted to let you know about this free ebook. 
I have not had the time to read very much yet but it looks great.
Here is a little about it:

The American Frugal Housewife (PDF ebook)

A wonderful, jam packed early American classic, the best of it's kind. Author Lydia Maria Child offers – in a breathless, breakneck fashion – thousands of tips, remedies and thoughts on running a 19th century household, with emphasis on timeless principles & values along with the home remedies, recipes, household lectures and more. Fascinating to read, and a favorite of many who have re-discovered this volume over the years. It is like going back to your great-grandmothers house and getting some timely and timeless words of wisdom. Do check this out and give it a read this week… you may find yourself unable to "put it down".

This download is brought to you by Homeschool Freebies of the day.
There are a lot of great downloads offered on this site from time to time.
I don't know how long this will be available.

1 comment:

A Restful Place said...

Thank you for sharing this! I'm downloading it now!

Blessings on your week!

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