Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Focus on the Big Picture

When opening a box of a puzzle and looking at all the pieces I would think it is hard to believe that ALL these pieces could end up to look like the beautiful picture that is on the lid of the box. 
There are so many pieces and in so many shapes how can all this make any sense at all. 
As we are putting the puzzle together we need to keep looking back at the lid because it shows us what the puzzle is to look like.

Looking at the pieces and details of my life sometimes it reminds be of a puzzle with all the many pieces in so many shapes and with no rhyme or reason to it by itself. 
God has given us a Bigger picture of what we are to look at and model ourselves after that is His Son Jesus. 
Jesus shows is a perfect reflection of The Father. 
 He is the example we are to pattern our lives after.

We need to constantly be looking at Jesus the Bigger Picture of what the puzzle of our lives need to look like. 
He is the only thing that will bring rhyme and reason to all the details. 
He is the only Big Picture that I want to be looking at as I assemble the pieces of my life with His help.
Jesus I give you all the pieces of my life please help me to always look to you as my model and see you as the Bigger Picture.


Goose Hill Farm said...

AMEN! Great post!


Jacqueline at said...

Dear Angie, I am so thankful for your words today! They seem meant for me, my new friend! I, too, want to look at Jesus alone to figure out those puzzles in my life!! Life is so complex today, but we aren't meant to have all the answers are we?
Thank you so much for coming over and visiting and linking up! Thank you for being part of building the Lord's Kingdom!

Michelle said...

Thank you!

My prayer is to see the bigger picture for my family.
Knowing that God has it all under control.

Jacqueline at said...

Hello, again, Angie! I just had to come back and tell you how much I loved your is a balm to my soul :) Bless you, sister!!!

Tiggeriffic said...

Puzzles are like Quilts.. Takes many pieces to make it all fit together.
and we have to follow a pattern. Isn't it great we have God's pattern to follow and his word.. Thanks be to God~!
ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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