Monday, January 30, 2012

The Family Illustrated Bible Review

The Family Illustrated Bible is a great resource for any family.
This book is very interesting and can be used as a Family Devotion tool, a storybook for children or just a book for children to read themselves.
This book contains beautifully illustrated pictures with lots of color.
I notice that this book has some stories in it that some of our other Bible Story books do not have such as Naboths Vineyard, the story of Hezekiah and others as well.
Here is an excerpt from the a Story called “King Solomon's Wisdom”
After fourty years reigning over Isreal, David lay dying. He gave his son Solomon some advice. “Be strong” he told him. “Show yourself to be a man and observe what the Lord requires. Walk in His ways and keep His decreed and commands, His laws and requirements. As written in the Law of Moses.”
This book is not just about the stories this book also has a lot of History, facts, and charts in it as well.
I am not a Theologian but there is some question about some of the Theological content of this book.
This book is to be for children but some of it is more advanced then for a child.
Check it out for yourself.
Note: I received this book free from the publisher for my honest review.

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