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Life with Lily Review

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Back Cover: For a child, every day is a thing of wonder. And for six-year-old Lily Lapp, every day is a new opportunity for blessings, laughter, family, and a touch of mischief. As she explores her world, goes to school, spends time with her family, and gets into a bit of trouble with her friends, Lily learns what it means to be Amish and what it means to grow up. From getting a new teacher to welcoming a new sibling, Lily's life is always full of adventure.

The first of four charming novels that chronicle the gentle way of the Amish through the eyes of a young girl, Life with Lily gives children ages 8-12 a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Amish--and lots of fun and laughter along the way. It combines the real-life stories of growing up Amish from Mary Ann Kinsinger and the bestselling writing of Amish fiction and nonfiction author Suzanne Woods Fisher. With charming illustrations throughout, this series is sure to capture the hearts of readers young and old.
Suzanne Woods Fisher lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has one husband, four children, one son-in-law, a brand new grand-baby, and a couple of dogs. She graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.
Suzanne has contracts with Revell for six more books about the Amish, both fiction and non-fiction. She is also the host of “Amish Wisdom·” on, a weekly radio program featuring guests who are connected to Simple Living.
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Mary Ann Kinsinger was raised Old Order Amish in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. She met and married her husband, whom she knew from school days and started a family. After they chose to leave the Amish church, Mary Ann began a blog, A Joyful Chaos, as a way to capture her warm memories of her childhood for her own children. From the start, this blog found a ready audience and even captured the attention of key media players, such as the influential blog AmishAmerica and the New York Times. She lives in Pennsylvania.
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I have been reading this book with my 3 children and we have been thoroughly enjoying this book.  Lily and her family give you the feel that you are right there and a part of their lives. 
Her Brother is the curious type and finds himself getting into some predicaments.
There have been times that you feel sad and could cry, times when you were thrilled and time when you just feel involved in their lives like you are there going through the emotions with them.
So many of the modern books written today our family does not take part in reading,  This book was very enjoyable for Myself as well as my children.  Many days after reading to the end of a chapter as a stopping place you children would beg me to read more. 
I highly recommend this book and
I am anxiously looking forward to seeing Lily again in book 2, A New Home For Lily, set for release in February 2013!
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Note:  I received this review book to mention on my blog.  This is my honest review,

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