Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp Vacation

Ethan was in a skit while at camp he played a goat in the Noah's Ark skit. Here he is with his friend Elsa Hobbs (I think they were both goats). A can be seen just a bit by her pink hat (not sure what animal she was).

We had a blast while at camp. E and A loved getting to play with all the other children. We enjoyed getting reacquainted with old Friends and catching up.

We especially had a great time with our Alaskan missionary friends. N and C Hobbs and hearing how God is blessing their ministry there. They brought 7 girls with them from Alaska. One of the girls had never been out of Alaska. It was so neat to see her amazement with the trees and flowers etc.

E enjoyed playing with Friend N (his friend from Alaska).

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Trudi said...

ARen't blogs a fun way to keep everyone updated? Great to see it! You can visit ours too:

Be blessed!

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