Monday, September 1, 2008

My Darling Husband

Yesterday my hubby surprised me with my early birthday present. I knew he had something up his sleeve because he has been totally sneaky for about 2 weeks now. I was not expecting this though. I will admit I am not one for surprises. I usually figure them out or go crazy trying to. I guess I just like to know things ha ha.

I have been wanting a little more professional camera now for a while. I was not expecting it though. He said he was going to wait to my birthday (Sept 25th) but HE could not wait.

Thanks so much Sweetheart you know how much this means to me, I LOVE IT. You are so good to me and I love you so much. Thanks for putting up with me these past 8 years.

(Check out the great pictures on the nest post.)


Kaira said...

you are going to LOVE this camera! what a dear man he is to do this for you.

Jeff & Angie Ratzlaff Family said...

I wanted to get her something very nice and I came across this deal and it had her name written all over it. All the new pictures following this post have been with this new camera and she has had astounding results with it already. BUT, I am not finished with her birthday yet. I plan to do a few more things, YET. She doesn't know the half of it. I will never hear the end of it when she reads this. HAHAHA.


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