Thursday, October 14, 2010

Making my home a haven ... A peaceful home.

A peaceful home.  Making my home a haven.  This week I was challenged by Courtney over at Women Living Well to play peaceful music and Focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.  It is crazy that I am posting this today because I would need to say today I failed at being the kind of mother that I want to be.  I have cried out for God's Grace today more then usual.  I am trying with God's help to use kind words to my children.  Some days that is a very hard thing.  It is so easy to get frustrated and get stressed.  I am so thankful that God forgives and that tomorrow we can start all over again.  I am also grateful that children are very forgiving as well.  With God's grace I am striving to be the best Mama I can and working at focusing on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships with my children.

I have been trying to play peaceful music as well this week.  I found this CD in my CD basket that I had picked up at a thrift store and had never played it yet.  When I heard this song I was blessed (below is the song.)  You might want to pause the player at the bottom of the page.


Naptime Seamstress said...

Oh, you are not alone in that boat!!! I've noticed that having some classical music (as long as it's not Baroque, the music of that time period drives me berserk, unless I'm really in the mood for it) makes for a nice school time. It's sad to say, but the local Christian station's "music" just does NOT add any peace to our home! So, around here, if it's music, it's the classical station or one of our favorite CDs.

J & A said...

I hear you about the Chtistian Radio stations. I am really liking the way peaceful music makes my home feel so peaceful.

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