Monday, October 18, 2010

When to pray

1.  When you get up every morning  (Mark 1:35)
- Making God the first thing on your mind.

2.  When you have to make important decisions  (James 1: 5-6)

3.  When you are under pressure  (Luke 5:15-16,  Eph 6:12)

4.  When you have difficulties with other Christians  (Luke 22:32)
- It is so easy to get offended when a Bro or Sis wrongs us but if we take them to the
 Lord instead of taking them and talking about them to others it is hard to wallow in self pity.

5.  When you are tempted  (Luke 22:40)
- It is so easy sometimes to give into temptation in some areas. 
We need to be focused on the lord instead of the flesh.

6.  When you are hurting 
- Wen we turn our thoughts toward God and pray for other people
 or about our circumstances our pain can be relieved.

7.  When you face a need  (Phil 4:19)
- He will supply all your needs.

Sometimes God answers prayers yes, sometimes no and sometimes wait. 
Often times the wait answer can be the hardest. 

We should be in a state of prayer at all times.  (1 Thes 5:17)
- Pray without ceasing.

What does this look like for you through your day?

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