Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cooking with my Children + Cream of Potato Soup Recipe

I am really trying to get my children more involved in family things.  Sometimes I will admit it is just SO much easier and quicker to just do it myself.  However I want my children learn how to do things not always have things done for them.  Here are some pictures of us cooking together.
Doing things like cooking with my children is making my home SING.
This recipe is a generic one with not exact amounts it would depend on how much you would want make.
We usually make BIG pots of soup because it is great as leftovers and for lunches. 
Most soups Also freezes well for later use (I have never froze this one) that is if there is any left to freeze.

First Peel your Potatoes

Dice Potatoes

Cover with water and cook until Tender

Add some spices I used Parsley Flakes, Onion Salt, Garlic Powder and some chicken Bouillon (not pictured).
You could use different herbs or spices if preferred like maybe Rosemary.

Stir off and on

When potatoes are done keep water on them (do not drain).
Add about the same amount of milk as potatoes and water.
Bring to just about a boil (be careful not to scorch milk.)

When real hot add some egg, slightly beaten (I added 3)
Eggs will be kind of scrambled through soup.

I made mine a little thick (because that's how my hubby likes it).
Add cold water into your corn starch. 
(Believe me on this one otherwise you will get plaster.)
Taste and adjust spics if necessary.
You could also add some cheese but that is more calories.


Soup is oh so YUMMY on a cold day.

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