Friday, November 5, 2010

A gift from my Thoughtful Husband

My Dear Husband is so thoughtful. 
He has been telling me that I should get a new cell phone.  My cell phone has been getting bad but still usable so I was not in a big hurry because I did not want him to have to put out more money for me. He asked me what kind of phone I would like?  I told him that if he wanted to get me a phone I would be happy with whatever he wanted to get for me.  I would also be content to keep my current phone.
This is what he came home with tonight and presented me with.
I was WOWED for sure.  I have heard about these phones but was not even looking to get one.
Now comes the big problem, learning how to use it.  I am sure not savvy with electronics at all.
Thank you Sweetheart your the best.

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