Friday, December 31, 2010

A Closer Deeper walk with my Savior

The Lord has worked on me in so many areas in my life lately and I am so grateful.  My deepest desire is to know my Savior.  Not just to know who He is but to really know Him, to have a Deeper Relationship with Him. 

I have been working on some personal goals for myself this year.  Other than getting to know My Savior more I want to make this year a year of prayer.  I want to be a woman of prayer a woman who seeks after God.  I want to pray like I have never prayed before.  I want to pray about everything. Sometimes the last thing we do is the first thing we should do.  My two biggest areas of prayer is my Husband and our Children.  I do pray for my husband and children every day but I want to make them a real matter of prayer everyday.  I want them to experience a close relationship with the Lord as well and I want to do my part to pray for them and encourage them in the Lord.

I have been challenged this by Nancy Leigh DeMoss at Revive our Hearts by a mini series she did called  First Things First.  This is about setting goals and even though We are almost at the end of January the year is still young.  Check it out if you want to be challenged to get your priorities straight.

I am looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in my life and in my families lives this year.

Here are some great resources I have found in the area of prayer. 

31 Days of Prayer for your Husband Face book challenge

31 Days of Praying for your Children   Face book challenge

I did have another link for praying for children but I can't have it now.

Did you make goals for yourself or your family this year?  How are you doing at keeping them?  

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