Friday, March 11, 2011

Cocolate Cupcake Recipe Semi-Healthy

Ingredient List:
3 C flour (I used 2 C wheat 1 cup of organic White)
2 C sugar (I used only 1 2/3 cup and replaced it with the sugar cane type sugar)
1/4 cup oil
6T cocoa
2 tsp Baking Soda
2 tsp Vinegar
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
1 Lg (29 oz) can of pumpkin

In a mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients and mix around a little.

Next Add the remaining wet ingredients

This is kind of hard to mix because  is so thick

After it is mixed thoroughly

Spoon it into your paper lined muffin baking pan.

I filled them almost to the top of the papers.

When you spoon into pan it is real thick and kind of clumpy.

I got 24 cupcakes and a little batter left over for daddy (he was a happy camper).

Bake at 350* for I think about 30 min.

I did not totally keep track of the time. 
I watched them and guessed when they looked done.

I decorated them with lite cool whip (this is not really that healthy though if you look at whats in it)
I cut strawberries in half for the to.

Let me tell you my family LOVED these they did not last long.


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Amber said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe! They look scrumptious :)

God Bless,

Rose Gold said...

The strawberry! That is so mouth watering. YUM! I can’t wait to make some of this. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Christin/Joyful Mothering said...

They look delicious!! Thank you for sharing them at Homemakers Challenge! =)

Piano Schoenhut said...

Oh yummy! I love the strawberry on top. That looks fantastic. I love to try them. Thanks for sharing it.

Rene' said...

these look beautiful!

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Good Morning~

Thank you for linking your wonderful recipe to The Homespun Bake Shop @ The Tattered Tag, I so appreciate it. Wanted to let you know that it is a featured cupcake on today's Homespun Market Day, please drop by and see...

Drop by The Tattered Tag

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