Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funnix Math Program FREE!!!

I believe it was back in January Funnix offered their reading program for free and let me tell you it is great. 
I was kind of getting tired of all the basic reading sounds over and over and then we got the program.
I love this.  My 5 year old is really picking up reading since I started her on this, check it out here.
Well now I am excited to tell you that Funnix is giving their Math program away from June 1 - June 26.
 I am really excited about trying this out with my daughter in the near future.  Sometimes it really does take the stress off teaching everything when you can oversee it and not have to do all the teaching yourself.
If you have little ones you may want to check it out.
After you sign up, you will receive an email with all the download links and instructions.

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded this program and tried it with my own children. They loved the first two lessons. I highly recommend trying it out. Here is my review of the program:

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